Emergency light testing FAQ’s

Emergency light testing is something that a large number of businesses and companies need to comply with, as well as residential settings like hotels and student accommodation. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading commercial, residential and industrial electricians. And emergency light testing is just one of the high quality, professional electrical maintenance services we can offer. As a result, we are often asked a number of questions about emergency light testing, and so we have produced this guide to the emergency light testing FAQ’s.

Why is emergency light testing important?

Emergency lights need to be in full working order, in the event of an emergency, and if they are not typically used for long periods of time, communication and connection problems can occur. Testing the lights, on a regular basis can highlight any functionality issues and repairs can made in a timely fashion. This also helps to support your company legally, should anything so wrong with the lights, during an emergency.

When should emergency light testing be carried out?

Emergency light testing can be carried out in house at various intervals:

  • Daily checking of the status indicator
  • Monthly testing of the emergency lighting system- ensure everything is working, and that when full power is restored, the emergency lights should begin recharging.

A professional test can be carried out annually. This involves:

  • Fully testing the emergency lighting across the whole premises. This may even involve some disruption to the working day, as the emergency lighting will need to be tested for the full duration, which is usually 3 hours.

What are the legal requirements?

Full testing of the emergency lighting is a requirement of BS5266 – The Fire Risk Assessment of your Premises, where the lights are fitted as a requirement of planning laws and thus must be maintained. There is also a requirement under the 17th edition IEE electrical wiring regulations.

For more information or advice about emergency light testing and your property, get in touch with the experts today, here at Walker Electrical.