Signs your consumer unit needs replacing

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading commercial, residential and industrial electricians. From electrical installations to repairs and maintenance, we carry out a range of electrical tasks for a variety of customers. This includes installing and repairing consumer units. But what are these? And what are the signs your consumer unit needs replacing?

What is a consumer unit?

A consumer unit powers all of the circuits in your home, safely. If an electrical appliance is unstable, or your wiring is faulty, a consumer unit has the power to detect this, and turn off the affected part of the circuit. If this happens, you can often simply flick the right switch back on, after unplugging the offending appliance, because the consumer unit is designed to be user friendly and completely safe. However, older consumer units can be more dangerous and need replacing.

What are the signs your consumer unit needs replacing?

Consumer units generally need replacing when:

  • They are outdated- if you have an old consumer unit, the chances are that these will need replacing. Especially if you are having any other issues, such as switches tripping regularly. Generally, any consumer unit without an RCD needs an upgrade. This does not necessarily mean a whole new consumer unit, but parts of it will definitely need upgrading. In addition, consumer units with a wooden back will also need upgrading, as these often date as far back as the 1950’s!
  • There are regular faults- if your consumer unit is tripping regularly, you should get in touch with a professional, qualified electrician as you could have a serious fault with your wiring or circuitry. However, this could also indicate a problem with the consumer unit itself, and this may need resolving. Clear and obvious faults like the smell of burning and sizzling noises should also indicate a serious consumer unit fault.

For more information or advice about outdated consumer units, and what to do about them, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Walker Electrical.