Emergency light testing for improved safety

Emergency light testing is an essential and important part of any electrical maintenance work. Most commercial properties, residential properties like student accommodation or nursing homes, and even schools, will need emergency lighting by law. And this emergency lighting won’t be very worthwhile at all, unless it is professionally and regularly tested. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading commercial, residential and industrial electricians. And emergency light testing is just one of the high quality, professional electrical maintenance services we can offer. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about emergency light testing for improved safety.

You should consider emergency light testing for improved safety

Emergency light systems include a few different lighting options. All emergency lighting is designed to be activated, when power from the mains is lost. But some emergency lights are used to light a room or large space, preventing panic and allowing normal activities to continue, while other emergency lights illuminate escape routes for a safe and orderly exit from the building. Whichever type of emergency lighting you have, it is essential that when the power goes out, those lights are in full working order. In fact, emergency lighting can save lives. This is why testing the emergency lighting on a regular basis, is incredibly important.

Emergency light testing

Emergency light testing can be implemented on several different scales. This includes:

  • checking daily that the status indicator of the emergency lighting unit is lit and showing that everything is working. If not, get in touch with a professional team who can find the fault and repair it.
  • monthly check involving switching on the emergency mode and making sure the lights work
  • six monthly check which involves conducting the monthly check but with longer time periods. For example, the time period should be one hour for a three-hour unit and 15 minutes for a one-hour unit.
  • annual check which is just like a six monthly check, but for even longer time periods.

For more information or advice about emergency light testing and your property, get in touch with the experts today, here at Walker Electrical.