Emergency lighting in residential buildings

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Residential buildings such as student accommodation, residential or care home, or apartment buildings, need to have emergency lighting fitted. This is a regulation that falls under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and as such would be the landlord or property owners responsibility to ensure. Here at Walker Electrical in Preston, we install, test and maintain emergency lighting systems across the area, and in a variety of settings. As a result, we have produced this guide to emergency lighting in residential settings.

What is emergency lighting in residential buildings?

Emergency lighting in residential buildings is lighting that is designed to switch on and provide light when the standard usual lighting fails. This can be as a result of a fire or emergency situation, or more simply, an electrical failure. Either way, lighting will be necessary to keep your tenants and residents safe.

Types of emergency lighting in residential buildings

As there are two situations that require emergency lighting, there are also two emergency lighting types. These are:

  • emergency escape lighting- to enable a safe exit from the building in the event of an emergency
  • standby lighting- to light shared areas and allow normal day to day activities to continue.

What is Emergency escape lighting?

Whether you own an apartment block or a care home, in an emergency your residents will need to be able to leave the building safely, reducing the potential risks. This is where emergency lighting is important.

Lighting that is designed simply to allow safe exit from the building, is known as escape route lighting. This should be installed along corridors and stairways, and above fire exits, providing a clear route for tenants and residents to leave the building. This is a fundamental requirement of fire safety provision.

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