Entrance lighting for retail properties

Advantages of accent lighting for retail

When it comes to lighting your retail property, you probably focus on providing a good level of ambient light, as well as highlighting your key displays or products. But have you considered entrance lighting? Entrance lighting can be a good addition for larger stores and properties, and this can take a variety of forms. But what is the impact of entrance lighting for retail properties? And how can you choose the perfect lighting combinations for your store?

Choosing entrance lighting for retail properties

Entrance lighting will be different for different retail properties, with different target audiences. A toy store for example could make use of effective projection lighting in fun shapes and colours to draw the attention of both the children and the parent, and increase footfall. While for a shop targeting young professionals, stylish and subtle uplighting could be the perfect solution.

What are the important considerations for entrance lighting?

Entrance lighting to retail properties needs to follow a certain set of rules, if it is to be effective. These rules include:

  • Lighting level- the lighting you use in the entrance needs to be low level to help the eyes adjust when entering the building from outside
  • Purpose- the lighting in the entrance need tot have a purpose. Whether that is attracting attention from outside, or directing customer attention to your first display, lighting with a purpose will be more effective.
  • Branding- choose light colours, patterns and layouts that suit your branding. If you are a fun, quirky company, use lighting that shows this. If your brand is more serious and mature, choose more serious lighting styles.

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