Important additions for effective residential electrical design

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Effective residential electrical design is important for establishing a high quality living environment, that is also safe for your tenants and residents too. But what are the features of effective residential electrical design? And why should you consider adding or including these features within your residential property. Well, here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about creating effective residential electrical design.

What are the important additions for effective residential electrical design?

There are a number of features and design considerations that indicate high quality electrical design in residential settings like student accommodation and residential homes. These features include:

  • Plenty of outlets/wall sockets- In many properties there is often a severe lack of electrical sockets, and this leads to an overuse and over-reliance on extension cables. These can be an electrical safety as not only can the trialing wires case accidents, but these can easily be overloaded, resulting in electrical fires or shocks. Effective electric design will take this into account and remove the risk by adding more outlets in convenient and usable places.
  • Lighting control options- providing lighting control options so that level of light can be controlled in shared and personal spaces is a key feature of an effective lighting plan. This allows residents and tenants to change the lighting to suit their needs at different parts of the day. This also includes motion activated lighting, which can help you save money on bills and electricity, as this is only activated when shared spaces are in use, and automatically switches off when not needed.
  • Task lighting- wall lighting and adjustable lighting can be very beneficial when installed in residential settings. This provides essential task lighting and can be helpful in shared areas like kitchens and living rooms, for food preparation and reading, as well as private bedrooms. Installing built in task lighting reduces the need for tenants to rely on plugged in lamps, increasing the electrical safety.

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