Fire Alarm Safety for Commercial Businesses

Fire Alarm regulations may seem unnecessary by some business owners, but in the case of a fire, they can save lives and reduce building damage. According to statistics, it has been estimated that warning systems that follow the fire alarm regulations can save up to at least half of all the lives lost in fires and reduce property damage.

If you aren’t sure what the fire regulations are, you should follow the tips below:


  • Perform a fire risk assessment regarding the needs of your businesses or properties. This will then recommend the most suitable fire alarm for your premises and highlight any other fire risk within the building.
  • Ensure that you install the most appropriate detection system throughout your building according to the fire risk assessment, including the level of warning most suited to your business.
  • Only use electricians that are experienced and qualified in fire safety systems to do the installation and then provide regular maintenance checks.
  • Ensure that you take part in proper routine maintenance regarding your fire alarm system and you are not leaving longer than 6 months between visits. Maintenance has been proved to reduce false alarms – all maintenance checks should be documented in case of a fire service inspection.


It is always best to do this early and always have an emergency plan on hand as well. It is also best to provide emergency lighting in the event of a power cut and this plan should be known by all employees or residents – depending on the type of property you have. You will also need to prove that this plan has been communicated to all relevant parties in regards to signage and training.


If you have any fire alarm safety queries, then please do not hesitate to contact us.