Innovative kitchen electrical solutions

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When it comes to the kitchen a lot of property owners and landlords are reluctant to make any major electrical changes due to the perceived complexity of electrical legislation in this room. However, there are a number of popular and innovative electrical solutions that can transform your kitchen space completely, and are definitely worth considering, especially for student accommodation and multiple occupancy properties. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. And we work across the commercial, industrial and residential sectors to provide top quality electrical solutions. This includes working with kitchens. As a result, we have produced this guide to innovative electrical solutions in the kitchen.

What are the most popular innovative kitchen electrical solutions?

There are a number of popular options available when it comes to innovative electrical solutions in the kitchen. These can help transform any residential property, including student accommodation and luxury shared apartments. But what are these innovative solutions, and what can they bring to your property? Well, the most popular of these include:

  • Socket hubs- socket hubs or strips can be built into the kitchen design itself, either under the counter or into a circular power bank built into a kitchen island or breakfast bar. This allows multiple people to share the kitchen space for working or charging devices at the same time, which is essential in multiple occupancy properties and student accommodation. With easy access to sockets the space will be safer as your tenants won’t need to rely on extension cables.
  • Innovative lighting- from under cabinet led strip lighting to adjustable task lighting that can be moved and positioned around the worksurfaces, there are a number of effective lighting options that can help your kitchen be more practical. These lighting solutions also help to create a visual feature in the kitchen too, supporting your high end interior decor.

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