Lockdown electrical safety for residential properties

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If you have a residential property, or are a Landlord for a large residential setting, like a student accommodation block, there are a number of steps you should consider for maintaining electrical safety during lockdown. This is because, with people stuck inside the property for prolonged periods of time, the electrical safety could easily be compromised. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. We work with companies and businesses, as well as residential settings, across Preston, and the North West, to provide high quality, professional electrical and lighting solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about Lockdown electrical safety for residential properties.

Tips for Lockdown electrical safety for residential properties

To make sure your property stays safe from electrical damage this lockdown, you could consider:

  • Carrying out electrical testing- If you can work safely with your tenants to maintain social distancing, and carry out PAT testing or an EICR in the property, you can make sure that the additional recent use hasn’t caused any wear and tear issues, or damage that could be hazardous. It is essential to stick to legal Covid guidelines though, and some of your may be shielding, and this may be impossible to carry out.
  • Offer advice- you can also offer advice to your residents or tenants about electrical safety. There are a wealth of resources available that can be given out, to help keep everyone safe. This includes not overloading sockets, and not using the incorrect chargers or devices.
  • Deal with problems- if any of your tenants or residents report an issue with the electricity, you should seek to have this resolved as soon as possible. With the increased electrical use, it is entirely possible that small problems can become worse, in a shorter space of time than normal.

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