Outdoor lighting maintenance for winter

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From Christmas lights to general security lighting, during the winter months, residential and commercial properties typically use more outdoor lighting. But to keep this working efficiently, and to get the best results from your outdoor lighting, you will need to carry out some maintenance. So what does outdoor lighting maintenance for winter involve? And how can this help? Well, here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you keep your outdoor lighting working effectively all year round.

Outdoor lighting maintenance for winter

Maintenance for any outdoor lighting over the winter should involve:

  • Checking for any exposed wires or cables
  • Checking for moisture related problems
  • Checking the bulbs and lenses

Checking for any exposed wires or cables

Any exposed wires will need to be resolved immediately. The freeze thaw process that becomes more frequent during the winter months, can force buried wires to work their way up to the surface. If your wires are exposed, you will need to return them to where they were, and check for any signs of damaged. Any exposed copper wires, or any damage, will need to be repaired immediately by a professional, reliable team.

Checking for moisture related problems

Typically, the winter in the North West of the UK is wet. And this can cause issues for any outdoor electrical equipment, especially lights. Water, ice and snow can all cause issues with system outlets. This can often be resolved with a system reset and by thoroughly protecting and covering the outlet.

Checking the bulbs and lenses

An important part of any outdoor lighting maintenance, all year round, is to check the bulbs and lenses. But during winter months, you should consider the intensity of the lighting, which may need to be turned up for safety, and you may also need to pay more attention to cleaning the light lenses. This is because of the increased amount of dirt and debris carried in snow, hail and rain, which can cloud your lens, and block light.

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