Outdoor lighting options for hotels

If you are considering making some changes, or updating your hotel property, outdoor lighting should definitely be something to consider. This can help keep your property, staff and guests secure, as well as adding value and improving the experiences of your guests. But what are the most effective outdoor lighting options for hotels?

What are the effective outdoor lighting options for hotels?

There are several different outdoor lighting options for hotels, including:

  • Security lighting- security lighting should be positioned outside any staff entrances or exists, or any outdoor staff break areas. Not only can this help protect these areas from unwanted entry, but it can also help keep your staff safe when taking breaks during the night shifts. In addition, this lighting can double as functional lighting, helping staff find their way outside when changing bins and performing other work related tasks.
  • Ambient lighting- adding outdoor lighting as a feature to any outdoor seating or entertainment area can be a great option. This is because the lighting will enhance your outdoor space and improve your guests experience at your hotel. This could be in the form of path lighting, light pillars, or simple exterior wall lighting.

Choose a professional team for hotel lighting installation- inside and out!

For your outdoor lighting you will need to work with a professional team of qualified, registered experts, like us here at Walker Electrical, for a number of reasons, including:

  • Adhering to electrical safety legislation and protecting your work legally
  • Being guaranteed fully waterproof, weatherproof and safe outdoor lighting installations
  • Installations completed on time and on budget

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