Rewiring considerations for Landlords

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Here at Walker Electrical we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From schools and residential settings, to hotels, retail and industrial settings, we provide a range of high quality electrical solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to the important rewiring considerations for Landlords.

What are the most important rewiring considerations for Landlords?

When requiring any property, there are a number of important considerations to take into account. But as a landlord, these become even more crucial, when you consider the electrical safety regulations and inspections that your property will need to undergo on a regular basis. As a result, making sure that your rewiring, or new electrical installation, goes according to plan will be essential. And you should consider:

  • The number and positioning of electrical outlets- properties without enough electrical outlets will undoubtedly see the tenants using a number of extensions, perhaps in an unsafe manner, leading to the risk of electrical fire. You can prevent this by ensuring that sockets are positioned where they are most useful in any room, and by installing additional sockets too.
  • Energy efficiency- rewiring or updating the electrics in your property is the perfect opportunity to also upgrade in terms of energy efficiency. This can help you make a big saving on energy bills in the long run, while also cutting your maintenance costs.¬† Why not switch bulbs for an LED system that will provide a more comfortable light level for our tenants, while saving you money?
  • Lighting control- for large multiple occupancy properties, like student accommodation, combining different forms of lighting control can be a great option. Why not use this opportunity to add motion activated lighting to corridors and stairwells, so that your lights aren’t switched on 24/7, even when they are not in use?

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