Slow and fast charging options for electric vehicles

electric car charging

Here at Walker Electrical we are proud to offer installations of car charging points across Preston and Lancashire. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you need to know about slow and fast charging for electric vehicles.

What are the slow and fast charging options for electric vehicles?

When choosing a charging point for electric vehicles, you will need to choose between slow and fast charging options. But what difference does this make? And which option would suit your home or workplace?

Slow charging

When this technology was still very limited, slow chargers were the only option to charge your electric car. Taking between 6 and 8 hours to fully charge, these chargers are not really suitable for installation at the workplace, or for public charging points. But they are more than suitable for home charging.

Slow chargers draw 3kw, and this is perfect for most home environments. And with a longer charging time, you can simply plug in while you sleep, and both you and your car will be ready for the day ahead.

However, when installing an electric charger at home, it should be noted that some newer electric vehicles may not be compatible with these slow chargers.

Fast Charging

Fast chargers are a more efficient option for most people. In fact, with a fast charger, you can expect your charging to take around 3 hours, which is twice as fast as the slow charging option.

At 3 hours charging time, this is the perfect charging option for workplaces, where staff can charge their cars during the morning, and switch with another staff member to charge in the afternoon.

It is also perfect for shopping centres and commercial spaces where electric car charging is provided for a small fee.

Installing an EV charging unit

If you want to install a slow or fast charger, you will need to work a qualified and registered electrician. For more information about EV charging types relevant to your situation, as well as installation options, get in touch with the experts today, here at Walker Electrical.