Solving energy mismanagement for businesses and companies

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Reducing wasted energy, and reducing the subsequent energy bills is an important motivator for change for many companies and businesses. But the main reason why so many companies pay for more energy than they need, is because of energy mismanagement. So what is energy mismanagement? And what can your business do about it? Well, here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical professionals. From residential settings to commercial and industrial properties, we can provide a range of top quality electrical solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to solving energy mismanagement for businesses and companies.

What is energy mismanagement?

So what is energy mismanagement? Well, energy mismanagement is the use of electricity or fuel which isn’t necessary. And could be replaced with a cheaper or more sustainable option. For example, lights being left on 24/7 is energy mismanagement. The solution would be to install PIR sensors, to automatically switch the lights off and on when required.

Solving energy mismanagement for businesses and companies

Solving energy mismanagement for businesses and companies involves looking at the amount of energy used in different parts of your company, and producing a solid strategy to help manage energy more efficiently. Some good examples include:

  • Installing an EV charging station- wasting money on petrol and diesel prices for your company vehicles can be a drain. Electric vehicles can be fully charged at a cost of around £3, which is a lot cheaper than any traditional fuel powered car. So why not install an EV charging station in the workplace? You can even claim £300 towards the install cost with the The Workplace Charging Scheme. This is a government scheme for electric cars offered by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.We would be happy to install your charging point, here at Walker Electrical.
  • Energy efficient lighting- lighting is one of the biggest problems that businesses face, in that it generally makes up the vast majority of the electricity bill. Installing energy efficient lighting, and energy efficient lighting options can be a good solution.

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