Energy efficient retrofit lighting

industrial led lighting

The lighting in your commercial, industrial or residential property is usually something you inherit when purchasing or renting the space. And this means that it’s not always the best lighting for the job in hand. This is especially true for old Victorian buildings that have been re-purposed for use as offices or retail spaces, and for old industrial sites. Energy efficiency was probably not much of a concern when these buildings were initially built, and as a result, they usually waste a lot of it. A lighting retrofit can help to reduce this wastage, and make your space more practical and usable. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. And we work with companies and clients across a wide range of sectors to provide high quality, effective electrical solutions. This includes lighting retrofits. As a result, we have produced this guide to what to everything you should know about energy efficient retrofit lighting.

What does energy efficient retrofit lighting involve?

A lighting retrofit will involve:

  • An analysis of the cost of the current overhead lighting
  • An analysis of the luminosity of your space
  • removing of lamps and ballasts
  • replacement of fittings and bulbs to be more energy efficient

LED Bulbs

In most cases, LED bulbs will replace the existing bulbs as these:

  • last more than 30 times longer than halogen bulbs
  • use up to 90% less energy than any other lighting type, of the same brightness
  • can save you around 80% on your electricity bill

Lighting design

In lots of settings, the lighting design does not fit the needs or purpose of the building. So when installing retro-fit lighting, you might also want to consider a lighting remodel. This would get all of the construction work out of the way at the same time. And would help your property be more in line with your requirements.

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