Using uplights in a commercial setting

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When choosing the lighting for any commercial setting, there are a wide range of considerations to take into account. These include the type of lighting, the brightness and intensity, and the positioning and location. But one of the things that many commercial properties neglect to include are uplights. So what are uplights? And why should you consider using uplights in a commercial setting?

What are uplights?

So, first of all, what exactly are uplights? Well, uplights are lights that point upwards, instead of down. So your usual ceiling light provides direct lighting, pointing down. While uplighters are more likely to be wall lights, or even floor lights, that illuminate the space above them.

So what’s the point in lighting up the ceiling? Well, uplights provide a gentle, ambient light that can really transform your space. And they can be used to point out various features and be used as part of your overall design too.

Using uplights in a commercial setting

Using uplights in a commercial setting is not quite as important as using direct lighting, or downlights. But it can be incredibly helpful. And there are a lot of different ways to put uplights to use, including:

  • illuminating corridors or lobbies in a stylish way- fluorescent strip bulbs are not going to wow your potential clients, but walking along a corridor or decorative and attractive uplights will. And this can help provide a more positive impression of your company or business, resulting in more sales.
  • illuminating your reception or welcome desk- uplights positioned on the floor, or just above, uplighting the welcome desk itself can be incredibly stylish. It will draw attention to your desk, and really help to provide the WOW factor for your customers.
  • ambient lighting- providing ambient light in a changing room of your retail store can really help your customers feel relaxed. And it also gives the impression of sophistication and class. Helping to sell a particular image of your brand.

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