Improving your office lighting

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Office lighting is integral to an effective and productive team. But many companies overlook lighting, especially task lighting, for individual office desks. The wrong lighting in a workplace can lead to low mood, irritability, and headaches and migraines. Which has a knock on, negative, effect on your workplace productivity. So what are the important steps you can take for improving your office lighting? And what type of results can you expect?

Important steps for improving your office lighting

There are a number of steps you can take to begin improving your office lighting. You should:

  • Begin with a questionnaire- let your employees explain their opinions about the lights in the workplace. And then see which concerns are the most common, and plan ways to improve the lighting situation for your employees.
  • Task lighting for individual workstations- instead of relying on the one source of direct lighting in the ceiling, illuminate each workstation individually, with individual task lighting. This will provide a more comfortable, and usable level of light for each of your employees. And as a result, there will be less employee absences and your team will be more positive, and productive.
  • Increase the natural light- if possible, you could consider making some changes to increase the amount of natural light available in your work-space. Natural light is the best source of light, and increasing this in your office could help to improve productivity, creativity, and positive moods. However, you will need to have a system in place to tackle glare on the computer screens.
  • Switch to LED lights- LED lights last a lot longer than any other type of light-bulb. So you will get your money’s worth out of the switch, They also use less electricity, so you can save money on bills too. But more importantly, LED lights provide a more comfortable level of light for your employees.

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