Using angled wall lighting in student accommodation

Angled wall lighting can be a huge advantage for student accommodation rooms and residencies. And here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. We work with a range of companies across the North West, from our base in Preston, to deliver high quality electrical solutions. This includes working with a range of student accommodation providers. As a result, we have produced this guide to using angled wall lighting in student accommodation.

What is angled wall lighting?

Angled wall lighting is lighting that attached the wall, and is adjustable. This means that you can position the light, wherever you need it, within range of the wall light “arm”. This can be particularly helpful in student accommodation where a shortage of sockets can result in an overuse of extension cables, and dangerous electrical practices.

Using angled wall lighting in student accommodation

There are a number of ways to use angled wall lighting in student accommodation. And these include:

  • The bedroom- In student accommodation, particularly the bedrooms, the space between the bed and the desk is minimal. Which means that adjustable wall lighting can reach to cover both the key areas of the room, with no mess. This means no need for additional lamps, with trailing wires, to provide task lighting when using either the bed or the desk. So everything from writing assignments and completing essays, to reading and watching TV can be illuminated from one simple fixture.
  • The kitchen- The kitchen is another room that benefits from task lighting over the cooking area. And even though students are not renowned for their stylish kitchens, or culinary talents, angled wall lighting can really help. It will also prevent any additional lighting being brought into the kitchen, with trailing wires causing a potential fire hazard.

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