Thermal Image Testing and electronic equipment

thermal imaging for electrical equipment

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical specialists. From residential settings like student accommodation, to commercial and industrial settings, we install, repair and maintain a wide range of electrical equipment and circuits. But sometimes, problems with electrical components are not visible to the naked eye, and it can be impossible to identify the source of an issue. That’s why we offer a thermal imaging service, to find and identify those problem areas inside your machinery and electronics. But what are the advantages of this service, and what can it do for your business?

What is thermal image testing?

Thermal imaging cameras can turn the heat given off from an object or person, into a visible light. Differnt shades or colours make it easy to see exactly how hot or cold something is. This makes it perfect for detecting electrical faults in equipment or machinery, without having to stop production or switch off.

Thermal Image Testing and Electronic equipment

When electronic equipment is not working correctly, it can be almost impossible to detect the cause of the problem. Thermal imaging will reveal any components that are overheating, or are not heating at all. This can reveal parts of your machinery or equipment that are not getting any power, as well as the parts that are drawing too much. This can be used to observe and test:

  • unbalanced circuits
  • open circuits
  • loose or faulty connections
  • circuitry wear and tear
  • overloading components
  • heat transfer
  • faulty components

What are the advantages of thermal image testing?

There are many advantages of thermal image testing for electronic systems, these include:

  • finding electrical faults without shutting down production/losing money
  • safe and secure way to test electrical equipment performance- no risk to staff
  • find problems before they get worse and cost more to repair
  • prevent whole breakdowns and whole system failures

For more information or to book a thermal image test at your business, get in touch today, here at Walker Electrical.