Installing domestic electric car charging points

electric car charging

Here at Walker Electrical, we know that the future of transport lies in hybrid technologies and electrics. In fact, electric cars are rising in popularity, and more and more manufacturers are producing hybrid and electric cars that really stand out. With all of this choice available, it’s no wonder more charging points are necessary. From the workplace to public charging, here at Walker Electrical, we can install the full range. This includes¬†Installing domestic electric car charging points. But what are the key points homeowners should consider?

Mains powered?

Being able to charge your car at home might sound like something futuristic but challenging, but trust us, it’s easier than you might think. And charging your car overnight, while you sleep, is the perfect way to make sure you have enough power for the day ahead. Instead of driving round looking for a public charging point!

But before you go and plug your new car straight into the mains, you need to get the help of a qualified and professional electrician. That’s because you need to know:

  • how much power your sockets can provide- will it be enough to charge the car?
  • if you plug in the car, will you cause a power shortage throughout the rest of your home, or even your street
  • will plugging in the car cause lasting damage to your circuits or sockets?

Answering these questions will help you keep your investment, and your home safe. And if your home is not suitable for mains charging, don’t worry. A domestic electric car charging point can easily be installed.

Installing domestic electric car charging points

Installing an EV charging point in your garage is a really easy way to make sure that you can always stay fully charged and ready for whatever journey you need to make. However, it can only be installed by a qualified and trained electrician. Like us here at Walker Electrical.

For more information, or advice, get in touch with the experts today, here at Walker Electrical.