Electrical solutions to prevent wasted electricity

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical specialists. From residential settings like nursing homes and student accommodation, to industry and commercial environments, we are the electrical team you can rely on. And we know how important it is to cut down on electrical wastage across each of these settings. As a result, we have produced this guide to electrical solutions to prevent wasted electricity.


Saving money on your electricity bills, and cutting down on wasted electricity, often comes in the shape of changing up your lighting. Whether it’s a warehouse, or student accommodation, lighting is one of the biggest electrical expenses, and is one of the key components of electrical wastage. So how can you tackle this? Well there are generally 2 options:

  • LED lights
  • Motion sensors

Using LED lights is the most energy efficient option for any setting. The bulbs use less electricity to produce light, and they also last a whole lot longer. This means that they cost less to run, and they do not need replacing as often.

At the same time, for many sectors motion lighting can be a good idea. In commercial settings and residential settings, people often leave lights switched on, even when they are not needed. This uses electricity for no reason, and adds to your energy bill. Motion sensors will make sure that your lights automatically go off, when people are not in the area. So you won’t have to worry.


Another big factor for your electricity bills can be the temperature. From switching on the air con in summer, to electric heaters in winter, not maintaining a good room temperature can be very costly for your electricity bills. Insulation can play a big role in making sure your room stays warm, and doesn’t lose heat. At the same time, fitting heaters with thermostats to automatically switch them off when the temperature is reached, is a great way to make sure that heaters are only used when necessary.

For more information or specific advice for your industry or setting, get in touch today, here at Walker Electrical.