Top Tips for Commercial Lighting

industrial and commercial lighting types

Lighting for commercial properties and buildings covers a range of bases from different types of fixtures to different lighting styles. Knowing what you want to create with your commercial lighting is only half of the challenge. Actually implementing this vision is the hardest part, and that is where Walker Electrical Contractors Ltd are happy to help. In fact, even if you don’t quite have a vision, our fully qualified, time-served electricians are more than happy to help plan your lighting design and installation. With a vast range of experience in a variety of commercial settings, here are our top tips for commercial lighting.

What do you want to achieve?

In a commercial environment, do you want new lights to help reduce your carbon footprint and help the company save money on overheads? Or perhaps you just feel that your lighting design needs modernising? Whatever your reason for overhauling your lighting system, make sure your goal is clear before you begin. If you are looking to save money, this will impact on the type of light fixtures you choose. If you want modern design, this can impact on the lighting type you choose throughout your setting.

Lighting Types

Three lighting categories are given to three distinct methods of lighting your environment. These are:

  • Accent lighting- perfect for drawing attention to a particular area and creating a focal point. For example, in a coffee store this may be a spotlight system drawing attention to the bar area or display produce.
  • Task lighting- just enough lighting to help you complete a task
  • Ambient Lighting- generally illuminating the environment

Lighting design can draw these three lighting types together to create stunning lighting effects within your commercial property.

Lighting fixtures

Different lighting types will require different fixtures to support different tasks. The lighting fixture also makes a big difference to the efficiency of your lighting, and your energy bill. Categories of light fixture include

  • Direct light fixtures-using a diffuser to guide the light to illuminate the largest possible area, direct light fixtures use mirrored and reflective surfaces to give as much light as possible. This can be achieved with halogen, fluorescent and LED lights, with the LED’s being the most energy efficient.
  • Indirect light fixtures- generally used for task lighting and illuminating places out of necessity.
  • Combination light fixtures- aim to light the whole area with minimal glare and maximum visual comfort. Fluorescent lights have commonly been used for this purpose but halogen and LED’s can both provide the same effect.

For any of your commercial lighting needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at Walker Electrical Contractors Ltd.