Types of lighting for different sectors

From residential lighting to industrial and commercial lighting, different sectors have unique lighting requirements that can play an important role in the overall functionality as well as the aesthetics of the space. So what are the effective types of lighting for different sectors, and how can you be sure to achieve the right result?

What are the different types of lighting for different sectors?

There are a number of factors to understand when it comes to the different types of lighting for different sectors. These include:

  • Commercial lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Residential lighting

Commercial lighting

Commercial lighting is designed specifically for places like workplaces, retail establishments, and leisure and hospitality facilities. Lighting in these settings often needs to be attractive, effective, and bright. As a result, commercial facilities benefit greatly from LED lighting because of its energy efficiency, durability, and range of colour temperatures. Additionally, task lighting can improve concentration and productivity. Examples of this include under-cabinet illumination and desk lamps.

Industrial lighting

Industrial lighting, on the other hand, is designed for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other large-scale industrial applications. The lighting in these environments should provide sufficient brightness and color rendering while also being durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions. LED lighting is becoming more popular for industrial lighting as this is both efficient and long-lasting.

Residential lighting

Residential lighting is created with comfort, ambiance, and functionality in mind for homes and other living areas. Ambient, task, and accent lighting are just a few of the lighting options available for homes. While task lighting is utilised for specific tasks like reading or cooking, ambient lighting is used to provide overall illumination. Accent lighting on the hand is used to draw attention to ornamental details and add visual interest. Due to its energy-efficiency and durability, LED lighting is a preferred option for household lighting.

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