Types of wall lighting for student accommodation

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If you are planning, designing and building a new student accommodation block, or refurbishing an old one, lighting is something you should pay special attention to. Lighting, and effective lighting design, can help make your premises more secure, and more functional, improving the experience for your student tenants. This includes considering effective wall lighting. So, what are the different types of wall lighting for student accommodation? And what kind of difference can this make? Well, here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts, and this is our guide to everything you should consider about wall lighting and student accommodation.

Types of wall lighting for student accommodation

Wall lighting is lighting that is attached to the wall, rather than the ceiling. This can be used effectively in two different ways, including:

  • Uplighting- illuminating the space above the wall light to provide subtle and attractive ambient lighting
  • Downlighting- illuminating the space beneath the wall for ambient lighting that can also be used for task lighting, or specific functions.

Specific types of lighting will fall into either of these categories.

Using wall lighting in student accommodation

To make good use of wall lighting in student accommodation, why not consider:

  • Motion activated wall lighting on the stairs- this could be a combination of both uplighting and downlighting to provide a good amount of light on the staircases. By using motion activated wall lighting you wont need to worry about lights being left on 24/7, when not in use, but you can still keep your tenants safe in the evening.
  • Adjustable wall lighting- in each student bedroom, some additional form of lighting should be provided. This could be adjustable wall lighting, and you will find that by choosing this option, students will need fewer lamps, and this means there will be fewer electrical safety risks and overloaded sockets.
  • Corridor lighting- lighting each corridor is important, especially near to each apartment door so that students can find their way back in the evening and at night. But using large overhead lights can disturb others who may be sleeping. Wall lighting however is much more subtle, and is not likely to wake anyone up.

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