Different fire alarm systems for your property

As Preston’s leading electrical professionals, here at Walker Electrical, we provide a wide range of electrical solutions for businesses and residential properties across the North West.This includes electrical design, installation and maintenance as well as fire alarm installation and maintenance. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the different fire alarm systems for your property.

What are the different fire alarm systems for your property?

Choosing the right fire alarm system for your property comes down to understanding the differences between the different types of alarm. These include:

  • conventional fire alarm
  • addressable fire alarm
  • wireless fire alarm

So what are these, and how do they differ?

The conventional fire alarm

The conventional fire alarm splits your property into zones. So this works well for spaces like small shops and small offices. This works with a fire alarm panel which can indicate which zone the fire is in. This is not specific to rooms or locations though, which means that this is not a suitable system for larger buildings, where the zones would be much larger.

The addressable fire alarm

This system works by providing each alarm with it’s own unique address. This will be communicated to the control panel, and in the event of a fire, it is easy to see exactly where the fire is coming from. This is the perfect system for student accommodation, schools, and nursing homes.

The wireless fire alarm

This works in a similar way to the addressable fire alarm, but the fire alarms and control panel communicate wirelessly. So this causes much less disruption during installation. As a result, this is the right choice for historic buildings or restoration projects, where channeling walls would not be a good luck.

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