Types of Residential Light Fixtures

Lighting in a residential setting is an important consideration. From natural light to light fixtures, student accommodation and serviced apartments need to use the right type of lighting. Shared area lighting also presents an unusual issue. Here at Walker Electrical, we are lighting experts. As a result, we have produce this guide to the types of residential light fixtures.

Types of residential light fixtures

In general, there are three types of light fixture to choose from, when it comes to your accommodation or residential setting. These include:
Direct Light Fixtures
Creating a bright space, the direct light fixture is generally used for the main lighting in a room. As standard, every room in your residential setting will need to have a direct lighting option. These can be controlled by motion sensors for shared areas, such as the kitchen or the corridors.
Indirect Light Fixtures
Facing towards the ceiling, instead of straight down, indirect light fixtures provide a softer lighting. Wall lighting and alcove lighting can be used to create an indirect light fixture. Although not necessary, you should consider installing some form of indirect lighting in each bedroom, as this will give the tenant the option of using a brightly lit space, or softer, indirect lighting.
Combination light fixtures
Combination lighting can provide the most amount of visual comfort. This is because the light is provided through a combination of both direct and indirect lighting types, which disperses the light evenly around the room.

In summary

There are a range of residential light fixtures that are essential to the functioning of the space. These include direct lighting, indirect lighting, and combination lighting. If you need professional residential lighting advice, or you are looking for a qualified team to install your residential lighting, contact us at Walker Electrical today.