What is electrical inspection and testing?

electrical testing

Electrical inspection and testing is a professional electrical service we offer, here at Walker Electrical. As Preston’s leading electrical experts, we work with companies and businesses across the North West, to provide high quality electrical and lighting solutions. And we also offer repair, maintenance and servicing too. This can be integral to keep your electrics running as they should, and to ensure that your property, staff and customers are safe at all times. But what is electrical inspection and testing? And what are the advantages of this?

What is electrical inspection and testing?

Electrical inspection and testing involves a professional electrician examining your fixed wiring and circuitry, or your portable appliances, and testing these for efficiency and safety. Services like PAT testing for example will fall into this category.

What are the benefits of this?

So, why should you stay up to date with these services? Well, these services can provide a range of advantages, including:

  • Avoiding electrical fires- electrical fires can be deadly. According to¬†Fire Statistics England data, there were 162,000 fire incidents in England in 2015/16. These resulted in 7,661 human casualties and 303 fatalities! In the workplace, 15% of fires were caused by sparks from faulty electrical equipment, while 36% were caused by the misuse of electrical appliances.
  • Preventing costly problems- if during an electrical inspection, your electrical engineer notices something out of the ordinary, or a potential problem, this can then be resolved immediately. However, without electrical inspections, the condition of your electrical equipment, and any potential faults, would be completely unknown.
  • Evidence of legal compliance- if you employ staff, or cater for customers or guests, you have a legal requirement to ensure that the electrics in your property are safe and fit for purpose. Electrical inspection and testing can both lead to documentation to show that you have upheld your legal requirements.

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