When should you consider a thermal imaging survey?

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From industrial to residential settings, we work across sectors to provide top quality electrical and lighting solutions. One of the many things we can offer is thermal imaging. But what is a thermal imaging survey? And when should you consider a thermal imaging survey for your property? 

So, when should you consider a thermal imaging survey?

Thermal imaging uses light to illustrate the temperature of various parts of electronic equipment. If these are running hotter than usual, then problems can quickly begin to escalate, especially with wear and tear. On the other hand, if various parts of the electronic equipment are not heating up, then there may be a short in the circuit, preventing this from working properly. As a result, thermal imaging can be a very effective way to test the electronic system. And there are a two different situations when thermal imaging should be considered. These are:

  • When you think your electrical equipment has a fault. This can help to prove which component of the machinery has the fault or isn’t working correctly. But it can also be used to identify the source for generalized issues that cannot be identified.
  • Using thermal imaging as part of routine electrical maintenance to check on the processes and look at the condition of individual components within the equipment. Identifying any potential issues before these get worse is always the best option.

What are the advantages of thermal imaging surveys?

There are many advantages to choosing thermal imaging surveys over other options. These advantages include:

  • keeping machines and staff active instead of having to stop operating for the inspection/survey
  • non invasive method of fault finding which is completely safe and reduced the risk of accidents and injuries
  • can be used to identify a range of potential issues and so you can rectify these before they cause a full breakdown

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