Why are office lighting levels important?

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When it comes to installing lighting in your office space, there are a number of considerations to take into account. The energy efficiency of the lighting should be a top priority, as well as the lighting control method that will be implemented. However, the lighting levels need to also be taken into account. So why are office lighting levels important? And how can you achieve the right levels of lighting in your office space?

Why are office lighting levels important?

Office lighting levels are a great guide to how much light your office should have, in specific areas. And adhering to these lighting levels is important for a number of reasons, including:

  • Maintaining high motivation and productivity- lighting levels can be crucial for motivation and productivity. The right lighting will be energising and bright, which can help your employees and colleagues stay focused all day.
  • Avoiding health problems- the wrong lighting level in any office environment can be responsible for a range of health problems. Whether your office space is too dark and your employees struggle to see while working, or your space is too bright causing migraines, a number of health problems and a high level of employee absenteeism can be caused by the wrong level of lighting.
  • Avoiding sharp lighting changes- office lighting should avoid  any sharp  changes in lighting levels as these changes cause the eyes to have to continually adjust, resulting in eye  fatigue, and negatively affecting the productivity of workers.
  • Improving health and safety- the right lighting levels can improve health and safety all round by ensuring that your workspace is well lit in all areas, and by protecting employee health by providing suitable lighting levels for working long hours.

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