Why are your industrial lights flickering?

Lights in industrial properties or settings are essential. From exterior security lighting, or outdoor equipment lighting, to warehouse lighting and interior task lighting, the lighting you choose will be essential to the overall practicality of the property itself. But what if your lights are flickering? Well, this can cause a range of problems and issues, and it can interfere with your day to day business. So what should you do about it? And why are your industrial lights flickering? Well, here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical professionals. From commercial properties to residential or industrial settings, we provide a range of high quality, professional electrical solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to why your industrial lights could be flickering.

Why are your industrial lights flickering?

There are many reasons why your lighting could be flickering. These include:

  • Issues with the bulb itself
  • loose connections
  • faulty light or light switch

Issues with the bulb

Industrial settings tend to use either fluorescent bulbs, or LED lighting. Either of these bulb types can have issues that will lead to flickering lights.

  • Fluorescent bulbs- these do frequently flicker when turning on or off, especially in cold temperatures. Flickering at any other time though is probably caused by a loose connection or a faulty light or light switch.
  • LED bulbs- the most common reason for an LED to flicker is due to being connected to dimmer switches. Because LED lights use such little energy, the dimmer switch can struggle to make sure the light output is even and equal. If you are not using a dimmer switch, the flickering is likely to be caused by something else.

Loose connections

Loose connections between the light fixture and the bulb can cause flickering, and this is easily resolved by securing the bulb in the fitting, or repairing the fitting. Otherwise, you could have a lose connection internally, as part of the circuitry in your property. This will need professional electrical help.

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