Advantages of exterior lighting

Student Accommodation Energy Efficiency Upgrade, Liberty Park, University of Bedfordshire

Exterior lighting has a range of advantages in a variety of settings. From commercial businesses to student accommodation, exterior lighting can transform the outdoor space, while also improving security. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of exterior lighting.

Exterior spotlight lighting

A small focused beam of light can help illuminate paths, pavements and driveways outside your building. Mainly suitable for domestic buildings, exterior spotlights have a range of advantages, including:

  • styling and adding points of interest to your garden or outdoor space
  • keeping your outdoor space safe to walk around, even at night
  • preventing slips trips and falls caused by lack of lighting
  • the spotlights use LED bulbs which are incredibly energy efficient and last a long time

Exterior lighting stakes

Short poles with lights at the top can be used for exterior lighting. These can illuminate larger sections of the ground than a spotlight, and can also shine light in a full 360 direction. As a result, stakes are a better option for residential settings like student accommodation, where more people may be walking around at the same time, and where cars or a car park may also need to be illuminated. The advantages of exterior lighting stakes include:

  • strong beam of light in all directions
  • deterrent for potential thieves or vandals
  • less dark spots so more effective CCTV capture
  • can be retrofit easily

Exterior wall mounted lighting

Finally, exterior wall mounted lighting can be used. This is effective for residential settings as well as commercial buildings. These can be attached to exterior walls to shine out across your outdoor space, and also double as security lighting and lighting for smoking areas. The advantages of wall mounted lighting include:

  • many of these lights are motion sensitive detecting and deterring criminal behaviour
  • easy to install
  • light up much larger areas than any other exterior lighting type

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