Advantages of security lighting for schools

Many schools and educational establishments are opting for exterior security lighting to be installed, but why? And would your school benefit from this? Well, here at Walker Electrical, we provide a range of electrical and lighting solutions to properties across Preston, and the North West. This includes retail, residential and commercial properties, as well as schools, colleges and universities. And this is our guide to the advantages of security lighting for schools.

Advantages of security lighting for schools

Security lighting can be a great option for schools across the country, for a number of reasons, including:

  • Deterring crime
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance

Deterring crime

If potential criminals were to approach your educational property, and be illuminated by bright lights, the chances are that they would leave the area quickly, and be pretty worried about being caught. On the other hand, if they were able to approach hidden in complete darkness, they would be much more likely to successfully break in and steal expensive equipment. And this is just what has happened at primary schools and secondary schools across the country, as thousands of pounds worth of laptops, iPads, and other equipment has been stolen. So while a security light alone might not help you track or identify a potential criminal, it can act as a very effective deterrent. And when paired with a CCTV camera, operated by security light activity, you can even help catch criminals too.

Cost effective

As far as security measures go, basic security lighting that is activated by motion, is one of the most cost effective solutions to reducing crime and protecting properties. As discussed above, the light itself acts as a very effective deterrent, so in a low crime area, you might not need to worry about installing more expensive, complex systems.

Low maintenance

Exterior security lighting will require some maintenance, but this is usually minimal, and involves testing annually, and cleaning the motion sensor every few months. This is something that wont cost your school a lot, so you can keep the budget focused where it matters most: education.

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