Advantages of office PAT testing

Making sure all of your electrical appliances have been tested professionally is an important consideration for any business. But in an office space, this can be even more important, as not only are there more portable appliances in use, but these are also essential for the daily operating of your business. But what are the advantages of office PAT testing? And what can you expect from this process?

What are the advantages of office PAT testing?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to office PAT testing. These include:

  • Keeping your business up and running- even small electrical issues, causing intermittent power, or power failure to one circuit can be extremely disruptive and inconvenient to your business. PAT testing, at regular intervals, can help to identify any potential problems with your portable appliances, before they cause a real electrical issue. This means you can have these repaired or replaced, without losing out on working time, and money.
  • Protecting employees- portable appliances can overheat and cause electrical fires, or they can emit electric sparks and shocks, when they are faulty or poorly maintained. PAT testing can prevent this from happening, and help to keep your workplace fully safe. This also allows you to meet the legal requirements and obligations that are put in place for electrical items in work places.
  • Insurance- if something does happen in your office, such as a fire or an electrical accident, the insurance companies will not pay out unless you have proof that your appliances have been PAT tested. This means that PAT testing can make sure you get your payout, should anything go wrong.

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