Benefits of task lighting in student accommodation

For any student accommodation or student housing setting, the right electrical equipment is essential. This includes the right type of lighting. Task lighting is often overlooked for student accommodation settings, but installing this can be very beneficial. So what are the benefits of task lighting in student accommodation? And how can you be sure to create a relaxing, welcoming and valuable space for students?

What are the benefits of task lighting in student accommodation?

If you’re thinking of upgrading the lighting in your student accommodation or housing, you should consider task lighting. This is lighting that is intended to make a specific task easier, providing a focused beam down towards the task. For student accommodation, this can bring a range of advantages and benefits, including:

  • Reducing the use of lamps and extension cords- task lighting can be used effectively as ambient background lighting in any space. This means that your tenants will not need to use lamps to achieve the same effect. This can be beneficial for electrical safety, as lamps are often plugged in using extension cables, that can easily be overloaded, causing electrical fires and damage.
  • Improve the lighting quality- by providing task lighting you can improve the quality of the lighting in your property, which is great for the overall health and wellbeing of your tenants. The right lighting can provide motivation, increase productivity, and positivity. At the same time, the right lighting reduces the risk of accidents or injuries, as well as accidental damage. For example, under cabinet task lighting in the kitchen can illuminate the work surface and improve the lighting quality, reducing the risks associated with food preparation and cooking.

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