Important lighting decisions for residential settings

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Residential settings, like student accommodation and retirement facilities, require a different lighting set up to commercial or industrial properties. From overhead lighting to task lighting, knowing what to use, and where to use it can be difficult. That’s why you should always discuss your lighting requirements with a professional, qualified electrician. So what are the important lighting decisions for residential settings? And how can you achieve the right results?

What are the most important lighting decisions for residential settings?

When choosing the right lighting for your residential settings you need to consider a range of options. This includes:

  • saving energy
  • comfortable levels of illumination

Lighting choices to save energy

When it comes to saving energy by making sensible lighting choices, there are two options available.

  1. You can make sure all your light fittings are LED bulbs- LED’s last longer, use less electricity, and perform better than any other type of bulb on the market. And once you have the bulbs up and running, you will need to spend less on both bills and replacing broken bulbs.
  2. PIR motion lighting- for corridors and stairs, you may want to consider motion lighting. In shared areas, the lights are often left permanently on. Which wastes a lot of energy. So using PIR motion lighting means that the lights will only be on when necessary, and will automatically switch off when not needed.

Comfortable levels of illumination

In a residential setting it is so important to get the balance of lighting right. Between overhead lighting, and task lighting, you need to find a balance that is comfortable for your residents or tenants. Why not install some up-lighters to add ambiance and light, and adjustable wall lights for task lighting?

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