Charging your electric vehicle? What are the costs?

electric car charging

Here at Walker Electrical in Preston, we are thrilled to offer the installation of electric car charging points across Lancashire. Perfect for either the home or the workplace, we can provide a range of EV charging points for a variety of uses. And as the new rules regarding diesel vehicles are constantly changing, leaving drivers confused, more and more people are opting to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle. Which means an increase in the demand for EV charging points. As charging point experts, we have produced this guide to the costs of charging your electric car.


Charging your electric vehicle at home? What are the costs?

Choosing to install an EV charging point in your home is a smart move. As that way you can ensure that your vehicle will always be fully charged, and ready for use. Most electric car owners opt to charge their vehicle overnight, while they sleep. Then they can awake to a fully charged car in the morning. This is a really cost effective ay to keep your vehicle charged, as it will only cost around £6.00 for a full charge!

A full charge, in general, will provide a 150 mile range for the day ahead. So if you only have a short commute, this can equate to a couple of days worth of fuel.

Charging your electric vehicle at work? What are the costs?

The costs of charging your electric vehicle at work will depend on your company. Some companies offer free electric vehicle charging to employees, while others will be charged for use.

You could also use public charging points if you work in a town or city centre. And again, you will be charge a set tariff for this service, depending on how long you charge for.

If you want to install electric car charging points, either at home or in the workplace, contact us today, here at Walker Electrical.