EV charging speed options for domestic or commercial charging points

electric car charging

As Preston’s leading electrical experts, here at Walker Electrical, we work with companies and businesses around the region to provide top quality electrical solutions. From residential settings, to commercial and industrial sectors, we have the knowledge, and the experience to resolve issues and install new services. This includes EV charging points for your electric car. And with the sales of electric cars rising, and the imminent petrol and diesel car ban looming, more and more people are choosing to install EV charging points. These can be installed at home, or in the workplace. And there are three types of charging speed to choose from. As a result, we have produced this guide to EV charging speed options for domestic or commercial charging points.

EV slow charging points

While slow charging points were once the only option for EV owners, and considered the height of technology, they are quickly being overtaken.

Slow chargers provide charging speeds of up to 3kw. This means that charging an average electric car can take between 6 and 8 hours to reach full charge. As you can see, this type of charging is not really a good option for workplaces, but it can be the perfect choice for domestic chargers. Simply plug in over night, and your vehicle will be fully charged, ready for the day ahead.

EV Fast Charging points

Another option is the fast charging point. At 6kw these chargers are twice as fast as slow chargers, and so they only take 3 to 4 hors to fully charge your vehicle. As a workplace charging option, the fast charger can be the perfect choice. People can charge their vehicle while at work, and not have to worry about having enough juice to get them home.

EV Rapid charging points

Rapid charging points offer an even faster way to charge your car. However, these are not compatible with some of the older electric vehicles.

For more information about EV charging types relevant to your situation, get in touch with the experts today, here at Walker Electrical.