Multiple occupancy landlords and electrical obligations

Landlords of any kind have a wide range of legal obligations and requirements that they must meet by law. After all, it is essential that a landlord proved a fully safe and secure living environment for paying tenants. That’s why there are so many specific requirements solely for electricals. And while these all apply to houses of multiple occupancy, there are some additional responsibilities as well. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical professionals. From commercial and industrial electricals, all the way through to residential and student accommodation, we have you covered. As a result, we have produced this guide for multiple occupancy landlords and electrical obligations.

Landlords and electrical obligations

Any landlord is required by law, to:

  • ensure that any electrical work or installations are safe, secure and meet the British Standards, before allowing tenants to move in.
  • hire a professional to regularly check the electrical installations, circuitry and wiring to help keep the tenants safe
  • make sure that all of the electrical appliances are safe and fully functioning, before tenants move in, as well as periodically throughout their rental period
  • maintain all the electrics in a safe way

Multiple occupancy landlords and electrical obligations

On top of all the legal obligations outlined above, multiple occupancy landlords must also:

  • Make sure that the property is periodically inspected, by a registered and qualified electrician, every 5 years.


Professional support to meet obligations:

To meet these electrical legal obligations and requirements, we can offer a fully professional service. As part of which, we will:

  • PAT test any electrical appliances and regularly re-test to keep your tenants safe
  • implement an electrical installation condition report to check the wiring and the circuitry, and carry this out as regularly as necessary
  • implement a visual inspection of the property every time a tenant moves out of their room in a HMO.

If you are a multiple occupancy Landlord and electrical obligations are on your mind, contact us today, here at Walker Electrical, for a professional electrical service you can trust.