Commercial emergency lighting and accommodation services

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Guiding the way to fire exits and safe spaces, emergency lighting is essential for any business or company that uses a public building. In addition, it is also crucial for accommodation services such as student accommodation and residential homes. Here at Walker Electrical in Preston, we know that choosing the right commercial emergency lighting can be a challenge. As a result, we have produced this guide to the two different types of commercial emergency lighting.

Why does my residential property need commercial emergency lighting?

If your commercial building is residential, and people will be residing in your property, emergency lighting is essential. In addition, any public building, open for customers and clients, also needs emergency lighting.

Power cuts in buildings can cause panic and fear, placing members of the public in harms way. This is especially true if the power cut is caused by a fire.

Emergency lighting is designed to provide light in these scenarios, making sure the exits are well lit. As a result, emergency lighting can actually save lives, especially if there is a fire.

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Non-Maintained Commercial Emergency Lighting

This type of commercial emergency lighting is designed to turn on if the main power in your commercial or residential property fails, and remain off at other times. They are linked to a battery, and do not require mains power to work.

Maintained Commercial Emergency Lighting

This type of commercial emergency lighting is similar to non-maintained lighting. However, it is connected the mains first, and when the power is cut, will then run off a chargeable battery. This means that the lighting remains visible at all times, but when the power goes out, the emergency lighting can still be seen.

Choosing between the two emergency lighting types

Each property is different. The type of commercial emergency lighting that will suit your business or property will depend on your own unique circumstances. However, some general guidelines include:

⦁ For small buildings and familiar environments non-maintained lighting is suitable
⦁ For larger environments and un-familiar buildings, maintained lighting will be more suitable

In summary

Commercial emergency lighting is a legal requirement for all residential and public buildings. For all your commercial lighting needs, contact us at Walker Electrical today.