Electrical considerations for student accommodation

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Wiring and electrical work for student accommodation requires specialist skills and knowledge. Here at Walker Electrical, we have both. That’s why we are Preston’s favourite commercial electricians. As a result, we have produced this guide to electrical considerations for student accommodation.

Not only does student accommodation pose considerations in relation the circuitry rig and the amount of sockets, there are a range of specific electrical considerations too.

Shared lighting areas

In student accommodation there are several shared areas. These include the kitchen, the corridors, and the stairs. Wiring for shared lighting areas poses one of the most important electrical considerations for student accommodation.

There are several ways to light shared areas. These include:

  • intermediate switches on different floors of the stairwell
  • PIR sensors that will automatically turn on in response to movement.

Here at Walker Electrical we would recommend the second option: PIR sensors.

electrical considerations for student accommodation

In addition, they are also a safer option as anyone in these shared areas will trigger the lights. This can prevent slips, trips and falls in dark rooms and corridors.


There are a lot of safety measures that need to be electrically installed in student accommodation. These include:

  • smoke detectors
  • emergency lighting
  • electric key-fobs or card swipes (similar to hotel room access)

Additional extras

Finally, there are also additional extras to think about. These include:

  • ¬†installing a good quality extractor fan in the bathrooms to prevent lingering steam
  • ¬†installing LAN sockets. Although everything is now wireless, LAN sockets are a great back up for students if wifi issues arise.
  • ¬†installing external security lighting

In summary

The electrical considerations for student accommodation include lighting in shared areas and safety. There are also additional options to think about. If you need a professional team to tackle the electrics in your student accommodation, look no further. Contact us at Walker Electrical today.