Electrical maintenance for student accommodation

Whether its a private student accommodation rental, or a university halls of residence, the electrics are guaranteed to be working hard. From parting to studying, students often have no “off-switch”. As a result, neither do the electrical appliances. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston based commercial electrical experts. We understand the student lifestyle, and the toll it can take on student electrical appliances, and so have produced this guide to electrical maintenance for student accommodation.

What does electrical maintenance entail?

For student accommodation, electrical maintenance includes regular scheduled services, such as:

⦁ Testing emergency lighting systems and taking preventative measures against any potential faults or breakdowns
⦁ Smoke alarm testing
⦁ Routine PAT testing

In addition, here at Walker Electrical we also carry out:

⦁ Fixed wire testing
⦁ Electrical fault finding
⦁ thermal imaging
⦁ electrical inspections

Why is electrical maintenance important?

We think that in student accommodation, regular electrical maintenance is essential. There are a number of reasons for this, including:

The under-reporting of faulty electrics. A lot of the time, students don’t realise, or don’t mind, that their electrical appliances aren’t working as they should. From sparking sockets to flickering lights, students regularly fail to report electrical issues. As a result, a small issue is allowed to turn into a larger and more expensive problem. However, regular electrical maintenance can reveal these faults and solutions can be found at any earlier stage.
Student safety. Electrical issues can occur at any time. This poses safety threats including fire risks. To minimise this risk, electrical maintenance should be carried out regularly, to make sure that the electrics are in good working order.
Legal requirements. It is a legal requirement for landlords to make sure their electrical equipment is not only installed by a professional, but also maintained. Otherwise, you could be fined up to £5000, or imprisoned for 6 months.

electrical maintenance for student accommodation

In summary

Electrical maintenance for student accommodation includes testing all electrics and lighting as well as fault finding. It is essential that this is carried out routinely for student safety and to prevent further electrical problems developing. In addition, it is also a legal requirement for electrical maintenance to be carried out by a professional. For all your residential or commercial electrical needs, contact Preston’s favourite commercial electricians, Walker Electrical.