Thermal Imaging and Manufacturing

thermal imaging for electrical equipment

Thermal imaging is a fantastic technology that can help you establish problems and faults, before the risk to your business or employees becomes too great. But how exactly does this work? And how can it help in a manufacturing industry? Here at Walker Electrical we are Preston’s leading commercial electricians. We also offer professional thermal imaging services. As a result, we have produced this guide to thermal imaging and manufacturing.

What is thermal imaging?

thermal imaging and manufacturing

Thermal imaging involves using a camera to produce an infrared image. This image is produced using temperature readings. As a result, it can show areas of heat that may be unexpectedly high, indicating a potential problem. It also can be used to show the working condition of the machinery and equipment.

Thermal imaging is produced using non-contact methods. This is crucial for the manufacturing industry as it means maintenance checks can be undertaken without having to switch off machinery and disrupt the working routine. In addition, it is also much safer for electricians and engineers to test equipment in a risk free way.

Thermal imaging and manufacturing

Thermal imaging can be used to great advantage in a range of manufacturing industries and with a wide variety of equipment and machinery. This includes:

  • Pumps- where the connections can be tested for heat loss, and the cables can be tested for overloading.
  • Storage tanks- perfect for the nuclear industry, where toxic sludge levels can be measured from outside the tank.
  • Motors- where areas of overheating and wear and tear may be generating more heat and friction, indicating potential risks and failures.

In addition, thermal imaging can be used to test electrical equipment in the manufacturing industry. This can include:

  • transformers
  • low voltage installations
  • fuse panels
  • motor control centres

In summary

Thermal imaging can be used to great effect throughout the manufacturing industry. By producing accurate images taken from temperature readings, the machinery and equipment can be tested for potential faults, problems, and quality. If you think thermal imaging could benefit your business, contact us at Walker Electrical today.