Thermal imaging for electrical investigations

thermal imaging for electrical equipment

Thermal imaging is now becoming widely available, and it has a huge use of applications, particularly for electronic fault finding. But what is thermal imaging? And why should you consider using thermal imaging for electrical investigations?

Why use thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging allows the temperature of an object to be seen on screen. And as this technology becomes increasingly capable, this technique is able to detect even the slightest temperature change or difference, with much sharper imagery. This means that any electrical faults or issues can be analysed and diagnosed, through a thermal imaging report.

What are the benefits of thermal imaging for electrical investigations?

A thermal imaging camera can be used to show the components of various electrical equipment, while they are working. Being able to measure the temperature during different parts of the electrical process can reveal a number of significant issues. These include:

  • Equipment cool down rate- if your equipment is not cooling down appropriately, the efficiency can be compromised, and you could be losing money.
  • Component overheating issues- overheating electrical components are a real fire risk. Identifying this and solving the issue can be potentially lifesaving.
  • Build issues

Here at Walker Electrical, we can use the thermal imaging camera as part of general electrical maintenance. As a result, we can spot potential problems and issues before they develop into a serious and expensive complication.Thermal imaging cameras allow these potential issues to be investigated in a safe and risk free way. This means that there are few risks, and your business can continue to operate as usual.

If your business requires thermal imaging for electrical equipment, look no further. Contact the experts at Walker Electrical today. We are Preston’s leading electrical professionals, and we use thermal imaging for both commercial and industrial projects across Preston and the surrounding region.