Electrical equipment and thermal imaging: the benefits

thermal imaging for electrical equipment

Here at Walker Electrical, we have recently been working with the team over at ITAC Adhesives: Manufacturing Facility in Manchester. Apart from the installations and emergency light testing, we also used thermal imaging for pumps, motors and the electrical distribution system to ensure quality and detect any potential faults or fire risks. But what is thermal imaging, and what are the benefits when it comes to electrical equipment and thermal imaging?

Thermal image cameras are sensitive

Thermal imaging cameras are becoming increasingly capable. This means that they can detect even the slightest change in temperature, down to the degree. As a result, they are the perfect piece of equipment for measuring the specific temperatures of machinery and electronics, where even one small degree can effect efficiency and output.

Thermal cameras are risk free

Because the thermal imaging cameras are so sensitive, faults can be found in a risk free way. In fact, you won’t even need to touch the machinery or electrical equipment to find out which component is struggling to perform. This means that you will be able to highlight potential problems and issues before they develop into a serious and expensive complication.

Thermal imaging is sharp

In addition to increased accuracy, thermal imaging cameras are now capable of producing high quality images. As a result, the potential for analysis and diagnostic work, after using thermal imaging technology, is now more impressive than ever. This means that they are well suited to electrical equipment and machinery diagnostics.

Electrical equipment and thermal imaging:

Being able to measure the temperature of machinery and electronics, at different parts of the process can reveal a number of significant issues. These include:

  • equipment cool down rate
  • component overheating issues
  • build issues

If your business requires thermal imaging for electrical equipment, look no further. Contact the experts at Walker Electrical today.