Commercial buildings and emergency light maintenance

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Emergency lighting is designed to provide light in situations where the main power supply has been cut, and there is no other lighting. This loss of power could cause panic and lead to dangerous actions. Emergency lighting can prevent this. However, it is essential that your emergency lighting is well maintained. This includes organising an annual emergency light testing from trained professionals. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. And this is our guide to commercial buildings and emergency light maintenance.

What are the important factors for emergency light maintenance in commercial buildings?

There are a number of ways that you can ensure your emergency lighting will work as expected, when you need it to. These involve regular checks, including:

  • daily checks
  • monthly checks
  • annual checks

Daily maintenance for emergency lights

In commercial buildings, the safety light usually has a visual indicator of its condition. This is a small red lamp that is illuminated to indicate that the unit battery is receiving power from the mains. Every day, a trained staff member within your company or business, should check to ensure that this light is on. Any damages should be immediately reported, and aim to fix these as soon as possible.

Monthly maintenance for emergency lights

Switching on the emergency mode, by operating the unit yourself at the facility, should help you to see if the lights are working as expected. If the facility hasn’t been provided, then instead, the sub circuit for that particular area should be interrupted to check that all units are present, clean and in perfect working order.

Once you have completed your checks, you will need to resupply power back to the lights, and make a final check of each unit to make sure that the mains supply is working as expected. Make sure you record the date and result of this maintenance work.

Annual maintenance or emergency light testing

For this maintenance, you should hire a professional. The wires and circuitry will all be inspected as part of the emergency light testing, and each unit will be tested for the full duration of expected battery life. The results will be officially recorded and this can protect your company should any issue arise.

To book a professional emergency light test, why not get in touch with the professionals today, here at Walker Electrical?