Electrical maintenance for industrial businesses

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From residential settings to commercial offices, we provide top quality electrical and lighting solutions to a range of businesses across all sectors. This includes industrial businesses including factories and warehouses. Not only do we offer electrical fit-outs, installations, and repairs, but we also offer electrical maintenance. So what type of electrical maintenance is necessary for industrial premises? And why is this important? Well, this is our guide to electrical maintenance for industrial businesses.

PAT testing

Testing your electrical appliances regularly can help to identify areas of wear and tear and potential issues, before they arise. PAT testing can also go some way towards proving that you take your electrical safety requirements seriously, as well as supporting any insurance claims that may be necessary. Keeping your electrical appliances well maintained and making sure that they are functioning well is an important part of legal electrical safety obligations. And here at Walker Electrical, we are qualified, registered professionals that can fully PAT test all the necessary equipment.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports

While PAT testing focuses on the electrical appliances, fixed wire testing, or Electrical Installation Condition Reports, focus on testing the circuitry and wiring your premises. Any issues with wear and tear or faulty cables can be extremely dangerous and lead to electrical fires and electric shocks. As a result, you should have an EICR regularly to make sure your premises is safe and fit for purpose.

Emergency light maintenance and fire alarm testing

Emergency lighting is installed to prevent panic during power outages. Fitted around doors and directing people to exits, emergency lighting can save lives. But it does require regular testing to make sure that it is functioning correctly. The same can be said for fire alarms. Regularly testing each of these can help to keep them working effectively and here at Walker Electrical, these are both services that we can offer.

For more information or advice about electrical maintenance for industrial businesses, get in touch with the experts today, here at Walker Electrical.