Does your office space need rewiring?

Does your office space need rewiring? Well here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts, and we can help with that. From industrial settings and warehouses, to residential settings and offices, we provide top quality electrical solutions across a wide range of sectors. And this includes offices. One of the main issues that many business owners are currently having with the office spaces, is the need for rewiring. But why do so many offices need rewiring, and how can we tell?

Reasons for an office rewire

The main reasons for an office rewire can be split into two:

  1. The existing circuitry and structure simply can’t support the electrical demand of the 21st Century
  2. The existing circuitry is old, outdated and a fire hazard.

21st Century Demands

The technological and electric demands of the 21st Century are greater than ever before. Especially in an office environment. WiFI as well as our laptops are powered by electricity. And when you combine this with large screen TVs in all conference rooms and reception, as well as air conditioning and electric heating, it’s no wonder older systems just aren’t cut out for the modern demands. A full rewire can help you solve issues with lighting and sockets, and remodel your office to be a more effective and productive working environment.

A safe environment

If your existing wiring is from the 60s or 70s, it’s probably aluminium. And this can be a real fire hazard. In fact, buildings with this wiring will struggle to get insurance on the property at all. In this type of scenario, its not the aluminium itself that is the issue, it is the connectors and termination points. Because of normal wear and tear, and excess use over the years, these can become a fire hazard, with very real risks.

If your company is in this situation, you can opt for aluminium rejuvenation which costs less and will replace all the receptacles, connectors and switches to help keep you safe. However, the best, long term solution is a full rewire. This will modernise your whole office and can be ab opportunity to update lighting, sockets and built in electrical appliances.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the experts today, here at Walker Electrical.