Emergency light maintenance for businesses


When it comes to electricals and lighting, we are Preston’s leading experts here at Walker Electrical. And we work with clients and companies in a range of sectors, from residential to commercial to provide excellent electrical solutions. This includes emergency light maintenance. But what does emergency light maintenance involve, and is it necessary? Well, this is our guide to emergency light maintenance for businesses.

Emergency lighting for businesses

Emergency lighting is generally considered to be lighting that can help people find their way out of buildings during a power cut, when the usual lights are out. In a variety of emergency situations, like a fire, the main power supply can be cut off and this can lead to panic. Emergency lighting illuminates hallways and exits to prevent this panic, and lead people safely out of the building. For this reason, emergency lighting is essential for businesses, and emergency light maintenance is extremely important.

Emergency light maintenance for businesses

To make sure that your emergency lighting is still working as expected, and will continue to do so, you need regular maintenance. This involves:

  • daily checks- every day you should check that the emergency light is receiving power from the mains. This will be indicated by a small red light on the emergency light itself.
  • monthly checks- every month you should remove power to the different substations in your building, and check that the emergency lighting works as expected. Alternatively, you may be able to trigger the emergency mode yourself, depending on the type of emergency lights you have installed.
  • annual checks- every year you need to hire a professional to test your emergency lighting. This will include testing all the wires and circuitry as well.

For more information or advice about emergency light maintenance for businesses, get in touch with the experts today, here at Walker Electrical.