What are fire rated downlights?

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From industrial to residential settings, we work across sectors to provide top quality electrical and lighting solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about fire rated downlights.

What are fire rated downlights?

Fire rated downlights are stylish and attractive lights that are recessed into the ceiling to cast a light straight down. They use a mirrored edging to reflect the light, allowing a larger section of space to be illuminated. If this sounds just like any other spotlight or downlight you’ve heard about, that’s because they are. Fire rated downlights only differ in that these lights use an intumescent pad, that can help to stop fires spreading throughout your building.

Understanding fire rated downlights

To really understand fire rate downlights there are two factors to consider. These include:

  • the fire risk of recessed lights
  • the protection levels of fire rated downlights

Recessed lights are a fire risk

Recessed lights can be a fire risk. That’s because, to install a recessed light, you need to cut a hole in the ceiling which has a negative impact on the ceilings ability to act as a natural barrier to fires. Smoke and fire can travel upwards from the room below, and spread throughout your property or business, causing more damage, and risking more lives. That;s why fire rated downlights should be your first choice.

Protection levels of fire rated downlights

Fire rated downlights make use of an intumescent pad, which blocks the hole made in the ceiling and is fire resistant for a certain amount of time. These pads offer different levels of protection, from 120 minutes, to only 30 minutes. The option you should choose will depend on how many floors your building has, with buildings on lower levels needing less protection. In fact, 60 minutes is the norm here.

Before choosing a lighting option, why not contact a professional and reliable electrical team to discuss the safest options? Here at Walker Electrical, we are happy to help.