Installing an EV charging point at your workplace

electric car charging

With the international climate change protests taking place this week, its a great time to think about how you can reduce your carbon footprint. Fortunately, the sales of electric cars are increasing year on year, and it is likely that they will eventually replace petrol or diesel cars completely in the future. In fact, your customers and employees may even be driving electric cars as you read. Installing a charging point for electric cars can be a great way to boost employee productivity, increase your customer numbers, and give your company the edge over competitors. But which charging point should you choose? Here at Walker Electrical we are proud to offer installations of car charging points across Preston and Lancashire. As a result, we have produced this guide to installing an EV charging point at your workplace.

Installing an EV charging point at your workplace

Installing a charging point for electric vehicles at your workplace, could be easier and cheaper than you might expect. And it can even help your company meet your eco-friendly targets and secure your green credentials. But what do you need to consider, to make sure you install something that will be useful? Well, there are a couple of things to consider, including:

  • the connectivity needs
  • the type of charger
  • tackling unwanted usage

Connectivity needs

It is essential to install a charging point that is compatible with the widest variety of electric cars and vehicles possible. This is where research about different electric car charging points is necessary.

However, you could simply opt for the model most commonly installed in workplaces and commercial settings. This is the wall-mounted Type 2 Fast charger. At 7 kW this charger can fully charge most electric cars in 4 hours, which makes it perfect for employees to plug their cars into, when they get to work.

Wall mounted chargers or freestanding posts?

For commercial settings and workplaces, the most commonly installed charging units are the wall mounted chargers. This is because they are the easiest and the cheapest to install.

In contrast, a charging post involves moving the electricity cables under ground, which raises costs and takes a lot more time.

Unwanted usage

If you want to keep your workplace electric car charger safe from people taking advantage, and restrict access to members only, or staff only, you can install chargers that need to be accessed with an RFID. This means you wont be paying out unnecessarily.

If you are ready to choose your workplace charging point, contact us at Walker Electrical today.